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Our manufacturing sites

Besins Healthcare has five factories worldwide, located in Montrouge (France), Drogenbos (Belgium), a brand new facility in Muel (Spain), Yaroslavl (Russia) and Jundiaí (Brazil). Despite their different locations, all of our factories adhere to the same high production standards and prioritise the use of top-quality raw materials.     

Global quality control ensures consistency across all locations, while state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly skilled specialists guarantee efficient production processes. We also prioritise respect for both our personnel and the environment, ensuring sustainable and ethical production practices.



Pioneering products and manufacturing facilities

We’re global pioneers and leaders in the development and production of transdermal gels for estradiol, testosterone and bioavailable progesterone. To this end, we have five state-of-the-art manufacturing sites that adhere to strict quality standards and regulatory requirements.

We have 21 offices and nearly 13,000 employees across the globe. Why not click on the pins to explore our locations?