Expanding our manufacturing in France

Our factory in Montrouge, France, focuses on the production of testosterone and Estradiol gel, with the capacity to produce up to 6 to 8 million units sold annually (in both pumps and stick packs) - something we're looking to increase, to meet growing demand. We have already quadrupled our activity in the past four years, and production and process at the site are continually evolving, renewing, improving and adapting thanks to the passion of our people.

We have 90 people dedicated to operational production. In terms of quality control, we conduct a full internal analysis of raw material, goods and finished products. The facility houses a dedicated R&D area equipped with pilot reactors and packaging machines. Moreover, quality control is entirely internal, covering the analysis of raw materials, goods and finished products.


units sold annually








Increase in volume in 4 years

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