A focus on quality in Russia

At our Russia facility, we are GMP certified and all our critical suppliers are certified by international and local GMP, GDP and GLP rules and audited by our quality assurance managers. Our safety standards fully comply to national regulations and we have a certificate of compliance for ecological standards and absence of air pollution. All production waste is either recycled or disposed of by a certified contractor. Our building and engineering systems are designed and constructed with energy efficiency in mind. We produce 5 million packs of Utrogestan capsules.

To achieve the highest quality manufacturing outcomes, we utilise the latest equipment manufactured in South Korea and Italy. Our products are packed into blisters at a speed of 120 packs per minute, with cameras in place to detect any defects. Blisters are packed with instructions with a speed of 60 packs per minute, with sensors to ensure each pack is complete. A unique code on each package eliminates the risk of counterfeiting. Each batch undergoes 14 meticulous test parameters, and we simulate storage conditions equivalent to a 3-year exposure period at elevated temperature and humidity.




Capsules produced annually


Standards met



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