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Working together

We are a pioneering, family-run pharmaceutical company with a laser focus on the development and commercialisation of reproductive hormone treatments for the lifelong well-being of men and women. To complete the portfolio, we also offer food supplements and medical devices. Our products are used in the fields of gynaecology, fertility, obstetrics, and endocrinology. We distribute to over 90 countries through our own subsidiaries and network of distributors. With approximately 1,500 employees worldwide, 22 subsidiaries and 5 production sites, we continue to grow – something we can only do through recruiting exceptional employees and nurturing an environment where they can thrive.


Global footprint

With 22 subsidiaries and 5 production sites working in synergy, we are a truly global company. Our international footprint enables us to leverage diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources from around the world. Together, we collaborate to navigate the complexities of the continually evolving healthcare industry.

Besins culture & values

A family-run company, we encourage entrepreneurship and international collaboration. With a rich history spanning 5 generations, the Besins Family has been at the helm of the company since 1885. Fully independent and operating for the past 130 years, our organisation lives and breathes our values.

Be a part of our success story

We’re proud to be a long-established, family-run company. We support and encourage development of our employees on their own personal career journey. And we’re always looking for exceptional people to help us write the next chapters of our success story. Could you be one of them? If you find our key achievements as inspiring as we do, and are interested in playing a part in shaping our future, why not consider joining our team.   

From Progestogel, the first hormone therapy gel, to Oestrogel, the first estradiol gel for the treatment of menopausal disorders, to Androgel, the most prescribed testosterone gel in the world, to Utrogestan - our core product, we’ve continued to go from strength to strength, and we’d love to bring you along with us to play your part in the future of our company.

Our recruitment process

If you are thinking of applying for a role with us, you may find it useful to know the process we go through when selecting new members of our global team.

We review and evaluate your application and documents.
We contact you by email if we have accepted your application.
We narrow the circle of applicants.
HR and hiring managers invite you for a personal or online interview.
We also may assess your knowledge in a professional test.
We make an offer and send you a notification.

Join us

Are you an entrepreneur at heart, who takes the initiative and is dedicated to seeing projects through to completion? Are you creative and dynamic, with an international and multicultural mindset? 


Based on your areas of expertise and experiences, we offer various career opportunities in different fields and regions. Together, let’s make a difference.

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