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Monaco Rugby 7 is an esteemed rugby team that holds the prestigious title of Champions of France for the year 2022 in the thrilling and fast-paced sport of Rugby Sevens. Based in the picturesque city-state of Monaco, the team embodies the shared values of Besins Healthcare, exemplifying trustworthiness, passion, caring, open-mindedness, teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit.


We are immensely proud to be a dedicated partner of Monaco Rugby 7, the Champions of France 2022.

 As a global healthcare organisation with shared values of trustworthiness, passion, caring, open-mindedness, teamwork, and entrepreneurial spirit, we celebrate their victory and stand alongside them in promoting sports and health in the community. 

Together, we exemplify the transformative impact that these shared values can have on both sports and healthcare, inspiring a brighter and healthier future for all.

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Monaco Rugby 7

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We are dedicated to producing high quality hormone treatments for the people who need them.


We care passionately about protecting the world we live in for future generations.