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The Postgraduate International School of Men's Health (PRISM) is a prestigious institution dedicated to providing interdisciplinary training in men's health. With a specific focus on the wellbeing of men, PRISM stands as a renowned centre of excellence, offering comprehensive education and training programs to healthcare professionals around the world.

As an independent school, PRISM collaborates with leading organisations to further its mission of advancing men's health education. At Besins Heathcare, we are proud to support healthcare professionals' attendance at PRISM, ensuring they have access to the latest research and clinical practices in this important area of medicine. Through this partnership, we reinforce our commitment to promoting men's health and contributing to the professional development of healthcare practitioners. By supporting attendance at PRISM, Besins Healthcare supports the importance of ongoing education and training in men's health, ultimately leading to enhanced healthcare delivery and improved patient outcomes.
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PRISM: Postgraduate International School of Men's Health

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