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The Andrology Research Academy (AReA) stands as a distinguished centre of excellence in the field of andrology and men's health. This virtual forum serves as a catalyst for scientific exchange, facilitating cutting-edge research and collaboration among researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide.

With over 1,000 registered users from over 45 countries, AReA facilitates collaboration and information sharing among researchers and
healthcare professionals in the field of men's health.

At Besins Healthcare, we are honoured to partner with AReA in the pursuit of advancing men's health and andrology-related research. Through this collaboration, Besins Healthcare and AReA are jointly committed to supporting and promoting the scientific exchange of knowledge and expertise in men's health. As part of this partnership, we actively support AReA’s virtual forum and its mission to connect researchers and healthcare professionals. This includes sponsoring various initiatives, such as the organisation of virtual seminars, webinars and symposiums, which provide a platform for researchers to share their findings and insights.


Our collaboration with AReA exemplifies a shared commitment to enhancing the understanding of men's health and promoting the development of innovative approaches to improve the well-being of men worldwide. 

By leveraging the power of scientific exchange and collaboration, this partnership aims to drive advancements in andrology and men's health care for the benefit of individuals and communities globally.

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