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Another incredible ISGE congress has come to a close, leaving us inspired by the groundbreaking discussions and insights shared during this prestigious event. We extend our gratitude to ISGE and all our esteemed colleagues for their contributions to advancing women's health.


At Besins Healthcare, our team had the privilege of participating in ISGE 2024, held in the historic city of Florence. This congress provides a platform for leading experts in gynecological endocrinology to come together and explore critical issues in the field.


Symposium highlights:

•    Prof. Arri Coomarasamy shared insights from the PROMISE and PRISM trials on managing miscarriage.
•    Dr. Adam Devall discussed the role of progesterone in preventing hypertensive disorders during pregnancy.
•    Dr. Angharad Care presented innovative strategies for preventing preterm births in high-risk pregnancies.


Discussions like these are instrumental in deepening our understanding of gynecological endocrinology and shaping the future of healthcare solutions.


As we bid farewell to Florence, we eagerly anticipate next year's ISGE event, which is a cornerstone of the women's health calendar. In the meantime, we will leverage the knowledge and insights gained over the past few days to continue driving positive change.


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