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We have an exciting update from our global ambassador, Allie Pepper. Allie is currently stationed at the base camp in Pakistan, gearing up to take on her next big adventure – the mighty K2 Peak – as part of her mission to climb all 14 of the world's 8,000+m peaks without supplemental oxygen. If she succeeds, she will be only the third person in the world to do so, and the first woman. And she’s not stopping there. Allie also has her sights set on setting a new record for the fastest completion time, aiming to accomplish this feat within just two and a half years. For Allie, it would have been devastating to abandon her dreams due to the menopause. 

There are women out there every day feeling they have to change their lives because of menopause. But Allie was able to persevere and overcome the challenges that menopause brings. We at Besins Healthcare are proud to have supported her on her #menopausejourney and are excited to continue supporting her. Join us in following her progress and wishing her the best of luck.


Allie's challenges