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We proudly hosted the symposium, “Transformative Insights from the Landmark TRAVERSE Trial: A New era in Testosterone Therapy,” on April 6th, 2024, during the European Association of Urology Congress in Paris. This event marked a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to men’s health, shedding light on the pivotal TRAVERSE study.


The symposium featured distinguished speakers:
• Dr. Abraham Morgentaler MD (U.S.)
• Dr. Mohit Khera (U.S.)


moderated by Dr. Janine David (Chairperson, UK), who expertly guided the discussion on the cardiovascular and prostate safety of testosterone therapy when used as indicated.


This video captures the essence of our engaging symposium, showcasing key insights and the collaborative spirit among healthcare professionals dedicated to pioneering advancements in men’s health.


The TRAVERSE study’s results on the safety of testosterone therapy represent a transformative moment in men’s healthcare. We are excited to share these discussions and continue contributing to the evolution of patient care.


Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the success of this event. Let’s continue the conversation and work together towards a new era in testosterone therapy.


Besins Healthcare's Symposium at EAU Congress Paris 2024