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We are pleased to announce that Besins Healthcare Brasil has been honored at the prestigious Lupa de Ouro Awards, a significant event in the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry. The ceremony, held on November 9th, recognized leaders in pharmaceutical marketing.

At the 47th edition of the Lupa de Ouro, organized by Sindusfarma and held at Vibra São Paulo, Besins Healthcare Brasil was acknowledged in two categories, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation in healthcare:

  • Prescription Products - Genitourinary and Dermatological Systems
  • Mature Prescription Products - Genitourinary and Dermatological Systems

These recognitions are a testament to our team's dedication and hard work in providing high-quality healthcare solutions. They underscore our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals.

We extend our thanks to the entire team at Besins Healthcare Brasil for their commitment and hard work. This achievement is a step forward in our continuous journey to improve healthcare outcomes and innovate within the industry.