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At 4:37 AM BST on September 28th, Allie Pepper provided a satellite update from the 8th-highest peak in the world. Standing at a height of 8,163 m, Manaslu is her second successfully completed summit in her quest to reach all of the world's 8,000+ m peaks.

The number 8 holds significant meaning in various cultures, representing good fortune, triumph and prosperity. These are all things we’re sure Allie must be feeling right now. In order to reach the summit, many factors had to align in her favour, in addition to her own hard work towards achieving her goal. And you would never guess that she was able to achieve all of this while going through the menopause.

Simply put, what Allie has achieved is beyond impressive. But she has been very open about her difficulties with menopause, breaking down taboos at every turn. At Besins Healthcare, we are immensely proud to support her as she goes from #menopausetomenopeak, and we invite you to join us in following her incredible feat.

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