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That’s a wrap on EAU 2024! Thank you to EAU for another fantastic event filled with rich scientific discussions, informative lectures, and riveting debates about the latest progress, developments, and learnings in urology.


The Besins Healthcare team had an incredible time at the EAU Congress 2024 in Paris, engaging in a wide range of activities that showcased our dedication to advancing men's health.


Among the highlights of our presence at EAU 2024 was the symposium we proudly hosted, titled “Transformative Insights from the Landmark TRAVERSE Trial: A New Era in Testosterone Therapy.” This symposium marked a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to men’s health, shedding light on the pivotal TRAVERSE study. Featuring distinguished speakers such as Dr. Abraham Morgentaler MD, Dr. Mohit Khera, and moderated by Dr. Janine David, the symposium expertly guided discussions on the cardiovascular and prostate safety of testosterone therapy.


In addition to the symposium, we were honored to host a “Meet the Expert” session where healthcare professionals had the unique opportunity to engage in dialogue with renowned specialists in men's health. Dr. Abraham Morgentaler MD, Dr. Mohit Khera, and Dr. Janine David shared invaluable insights and expertise, further enriching the discussions on testosterone therapy and its implications for patient care.


As we bid farewell to EAU 2024, we eagerly anticipate next year’s congress to celebrate EAU’s 40th annual congress. Until then, let's carry forward the momentum generated at this event and continue our efforts to make a positive impact on men's health.


Besins Healthcare Highlights from EAU Congress 2024