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Besins Healthcare Germany proudly supported a parliamentary initiative in Germany that highlighted the need for a national strategy to address menopause, a crucial issue often relegated to the background. Led by Susann Atwell, prominent figures such as Dr. med. Katrin Schaudig (German Menopause Society), Heike Engelhardt, MdB, Andre Kindling, our Managing Director, Georg Kippels, MdB, Ildikó von Kürthy (Book Author), and Diana Stöcker, MdB, steered the debate.


The event was distinguished by the contribution of Carolyn Harris, a member of the British Parliament, who shared her experience via a video message, thus showcasing the UK's progress in this area.


The evening highlighted a consensus for action in Germany. Inspired by our position paper, a renewed political commitment was made to develop a concrete strategy.


We are determined to keep this important subject on the agenda, despite an upcoming election year.

Let's continue to promote women's health in Germany!


Photos Credit : Thomas Rathay

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