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We are delighted to share the exciting news that on Saturday, April 13th, our Besins Healthcare team gathered in Monaco to cheer on our courageous women’s Health ambassadors, Isabelle and Audrey, as they embarked on their extraordinary journey in the Rallye des Gazelles.


Isabelle and Audrey, known as Les Extraverties, have been preparing tirelessly for this challenge, and their determination and spirit are truly inspiring. As they set off on their incredible adventure through the Moroccan desert, we stand behind them in full support of their mission to promote women's health.


After the official departure, Isabelle and Audrey are now on the road to Morocco, ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in the Rallye des Gazelles.


The rally will continue from April 17th to 27th, with the prologue scheduled for April 17th and the first step on April 18th. As Isabelle and Audrey journey through the desert, we will be eagerly following their progress until they reach the finish line in Essaouira, Morocco. You can stay updated on their adventures and track the live results of the Rallye des Gazelles through the following link:


For more behind-the-scenes action and updates, be sure to follow Les Extraverties on Instagram at their account: Les_extraverties/


Let's continue to come together as a community to support Isabelle and Audrey on this remarkable journey. Your encouragement and positivity will undoubtedly fuel their spirits as they navigate through the challenges ahead.


Wishing Les Extraverties the best of luck and success in the Rallye des Gazelles!