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BESINS provides all the product information on this web site and it is intended for general information purposes only. Many pharmaceutical products listed are available upon prescription from a medical doctor or qualified medical professional only, and not all such products may be available in all countries. The product information is not intended to provide complete medical information. Should you have a medical condition, promptly see your own doctor or health care provider.We do not offer personalized medical diagnosis or patient-specific treatment advice. You should always obtain complete medical information about your prescription medicines or medical devices (including their beneficial medical uses and possible adverse effects) by discussing the appropriate use of any medicine(s) or medical devices directly with your prescribing physician or, where appropriate, other medical advisor. Depending on your local laws, you may obtain further information from the product’s information leaflet. Information on these products may vary by country. Patients, physicians and other medical professionals should check with local medical resources and regulatory authorities for information appropriate to their country. In addition, current regulations in many countries limit (or even prohibit in some instances) the ability of BESINS to provide information and/or to respond directly to patient questions regarding its prescription products. BESINS, however, will respond to inquiries from and provide information to your qualified health care professional in accordance with local regulations.